Tide at Village Point, Lummi Island, Washington

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Other Nearby Tide Stations

2.1Point Migley, Hale Passage, Washington
2.5Gooseberry Point, Hale Passage, Washington
4.4Sandy Point, Lummi Bay, Washington
7.0Ferndale, Strait of Georgia, Washington
8.0Tide Point, Cypress Island, Washington
8.0Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island, Washington
8.9Peavine Pass, Washington
9.0Strawberry Bay, Cypress Island, Washington
9.3Cherry Point, Strait of Georgia, Washington
10.3Rosario, East Sound, Orcas Island, Washington
11.7Echo Bay, Sucia Island, Strait of Georgia, Washingt
12.1Thatcher Pass, Armitage Island, Washington
12.7Ship Harbor, Fidalgo Island, Washington
12.8Chuckanut Bay, Bellingham Bay, Washington