Tide at New Castle, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delaware

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Other Nearby Tide Stations

3.5Salem Canal entrance, Delaware River, New Jersey
4.1Millside, RR. bridge, Christina River, Delaware
4.4Pea Patch Island, Bulkhead Shoal Channel, Chesapeak
4.5Wilmington Marine Terminal, Delaware
4.8Delaware City, Delaware River, Delaware
5.5Delaware City Branch Channel bridge, Chesapeake and
5.9Reedy Point, C&D Canal, Delaware
6.4Sinnickson Landing, Salem River, New Jersey
6.9Edgemoor, Delaware
7.0Salem, Salem River, New Jersey
8.0St. Georges, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawar
9.6Abbots Meadow, Alloway Creek, New Jersey
10.0Alloway Creek, 0.8 n.mi. above entrance, New Jersey
10.2Alloway Creek, 2.5 n.mi. above entrance, New Jersey