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KG4GIY KV4SH-5 03/18 20:05:52z Send another Like a new monitor that fits on the shelf{03}1
KG4GIY KV4SH-5 03/18 20:05:30z Send another Then figure out how to wire this one for permanance.{02}1
KG4GIY KV4SH-5 03/18 20:05:06z Send another Looks like it. I am going to push over my old sysetm and get config{01}1
KV4SH-5 KG4GIY 03/18 20:04:36z Reply hey, good setup. {1
KN4BQX-5 KG4GIY 02/12 02:10:45z Reply EMAIL-2{1
N4IWI-4 KG4GIY 02/09 00:42:18z Reply hello from augusta county gd dx 73 N4IWISCANNING HF ALE selcall3218{19