K3FRG-7 messages

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K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/17 00:15:02z Reply test{4
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/17 00:09:15z Reply show me the money{3
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/17 00:03:38z Reply test{2
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/16 00:21:36z Reply yo{1
SOTA K3FRG-7 01/16 00:16:35z Reply 16-Jan-2020 00:16 UTC{6ab
SOTA K3FRG-7 01/15 21:02:05z Reply 15-Jan-2020 21:02 UTC{6aa
K3FRG-7 SOTA 01/15 21:02:04z Send another /time{28
SOTA K3FRG-7 01/15 20:50:34z Reply 15-Jan-2020 20:49 UTC{6a9
K3FRG-7 K3FRG-5 01/13 21:49:58z Send another gnt{27
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/13 21:49:16z Reply test4{3
K3FRG-7 SOTA 01/13 19:24:55z Send another /time{26
SOTA K3FRG-7 01/13 19:23:34z Reply 13-Jan-2020 19:22 UTC{67f
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/13 19:06:03z Reply new func test{2
K3FRG-5 K3FRG-7 01/12 23:39:39z Reply test2{1
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/12 18:36:28z Reply Test it has to work{M1076
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/12 18:31:20z Reply Why not{M1075
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/12 18:18:40z Reply Got it{M1072
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE-1 01/12 18:16:38z Send another Hi{23
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply Maybe?{R1030
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply Looks good{R1029
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply Ack test{R1028
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply how about now{R1027
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply Maybe this time{R1026
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:43:15z Reply One more time{R1025
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/11 23:43:15z Send another ?aprsm{22
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:36:40z Reply Maybe?{M1023
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/11 23:22:35z Reply Looks good{M1022
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE-1 01/11 23:22:07z Send another @me get this one!{21
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE-1 01/11 23:21:03z Send another @me{20
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/11 17:27:09z Reply SMSGTE>APK003,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAR,K3FRG-10{Q1009
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/11 17:27:08z Send another ?aprst{19
K3FRG-2 K3FRG-7 01/11 16:35:01z Reply test
K3FRG-7 K3FRG-2 01/11 16:33:45z Send another got it{18
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/10 00:12:16z Reply Ack test{M921
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/10 00:11:15z Reply how about now{M920
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/10 00:10:16z Reply Maybe this time{M919
SMSGTE-1 K3FRG-7 01/10 00:01:07z Reply One more time{M917
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/08 19:16:27z Send another @chole test txt{13
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 19:16:15z Reply @K3FRG Test again{M872
SOTA K3FRG-7 01/08 19:10:00z Reply 08-Jan-2020 19:09 UTC{5c6
K3FRG-7 SOTA 01/08 19:09:59z Send another /time{12
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 16:28:55z Reply @K3FRG No dice{M866
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 16:23:44z Reply Message to K3FRG delivered{C865
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/08 16:18:27z Send another @7036156887? please{11
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 15:48:15z Reply @K3FRG Test confirmation{M863
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 01:37:24z Reply @K3FRG Test 2{M848
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 01:36:58z Reply The number 7036156887 has been associated with this callsign.{C847
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/08 01:36:57z Send another #mynumber add 7036156887{10
SMSGTE K3FRG-7 01/08 01:29:37z Reply @7036156887 Got it{M845
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/08 01:25:39z Send another @7036156887 test{9
K3FRG-7 SMSGTE 01/08 01:23:21z Send another @7036156887 test{8