K3FRG-5 messages

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K3FRG-5 K3FRG 09/25 19:36:54z Send another one{5
K3FRG-5 K3FRG 09/25 19:33:23z Send another again{4
K3FRG-5 K3FRG 09/25 19:28:09z Send another one more{3
K3FRG-5 K3FRG 09/25 19:25:18z Send another again{2
K3FRG-5 K3FRG 09/25 19:19:30z Send another test{1
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:49:40z Reply you too! 73{0I}9
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:48:37z Send another have fun{9
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:48:22z Reply ok, GN{0H}8
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:48:12z Reply anyway, have a great night. Thx for the aprs messaging!{0G}8
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:47:55z Send another that should just be what the GUI selects{8
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:47:50z Reply anyway, have a great night. Thx for the aprs messaging!{0G}7
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:45:37z Reply oops - keeps changing my tilda to a period{0F}7
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:45:07z Reply make that ./.xastir/config/xastir.cnf{0E}7
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:43:58z Reply found it I think in ./.xastir/config/xastir.cnf{0D}7
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:41:27z Reply I've been cleaning things up a little{0C}7
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:41:11z Reply yes, I think I took care of that but didn't see the 'X' symbol{0B}7
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:39:58z Send another direwolf can beacon, do you have any PBEACON statements?{7
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:38:16z Send another no.. in xastir{6
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:37:12z Reply not in direwolf.conf? example?{0A}5
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:26:09z Send another file / configure / station and look for station symbol{5
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:24:50z Reply using xastir{09}4
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:24:00z Send another what client are you using?{4
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:23:54z Reply cool. I'm on an IC-7000 using R-pi and direwolf{08}3
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:22:56z Send another I am using aprsdroid via direwolf to a baofeng{3
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:22:42z Reply don't see it in direwolf.conf{07}2
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:22:27z Reply trying to find where I'm sending the 'X'{06}2
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:21:45z Send another it's cool when it works{2
K4MVM K3FRG-5 09/10 01:20:28z Reply hey - my 1st message reply on APRS. Thx!{05}1
K3FRG-5 K4MVM 09/10 01:19:41z Send another thanks.. glad you liked it{1
K3FRG K3FRG-5 07/25 12:28:25z Reply test{NO}