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K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 11:44:22z Send another @4348068639? Safe{30
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 11:38:36z Send another @4348068639? Safe{29
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:36:28z Reply Message to 4348068639 delivered{C4068
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 01:36:26z Send another @4348068639? bye ;){28
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:33:51z Reply @4348068639 Oh ok! Sleep well! See you tomorrow!!{M4067
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:33:15z Reply Message to 4348068639 delivered{C4066
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 01:33:14z Send another @4348068639? That you know my radio will be off soon{27
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:30:37z Reply @4348068639 Maybe I'm not getting all of your messages{M4065
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:30:24z Reply @4348068639 Response to what?{M4064
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:30:09z Reply Message to 4348068639 delivered{C4063
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 01:30:07z Send another @4348068639? turning off will wait for response{26
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 01:00:38z Reply @4348068639 I hope you're safe out there{M4061
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:58:16z Reply @4348068639 Gotcha{M4060
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:57:25z Reply Message to 4348068639 delivered{C4059
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 00:57:23z Send another @4348068639? service cut out only a mile out{24
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:56:09z Reply @4348068639 Lol your person icon looks dead{M4058
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:55:14z Reply Your position was sent to @4348068639{C4057
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 00:55:14z Send another #mapme @4348068639? {23
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:52:03z Reply @4348068639 Good to know!{M4056
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:51:44z Reply Message to 4348068639 delivered{C4055
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 00:51:42z Send another @4348068639? Safe{22
SMSGTE K2OTF 08/07 00:48:14z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.org for help.{E4054
K2OTF SMSGTE 08/07 00:48:14z Send another 4348068639? Safe{21
K4KDR-6 K2OTF 07/21 00:31:05z Reply 73 from VA!
K4KDR-6 K2OTF 07/21 00:30:56z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
K2OTF KB2M-4 07/21 00:30:14z Send another Hello de K2OTF EN80{10
K2OTF K5DNA 07/21 00:29:03z Send another Hello de K2OTF EN80{8
K2OTF W8AGI-7 07/20 21:07:12z Send another Hello de K2OTF{7